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Essentials: Annie Flanzraich

Annie shares her essentials for working from home around the themes of physical comfort and mental wellness.

Social vs Physical Distancing

Rachel and Colin talk about the difference between physical distancing and social distancing.

Essentials: Mike Higdon

Mike Higdon shares his essentials for working from home around the themes of staying comfortable and connected to friends

Introducing: Essentials

Introducing Essentials! Our members are sharing their essentials during shelter-in-place, physical distancing, and quarantine. Check out these episodes for essentials for mental health, getting things done, connecting with friends/family, self-care, working out, and much more.

CFHing - "Celebrating from Home"

Colin and Rachel's first episode! We know things aren't very normal right now but we're not going to let that stop us from celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary, from home! We kick off the podcast with a quick bit of news on our anniversary and jump into our recommendation for the week.

Introducing Reno Collective... at Home!

Every week we feature members of the Reno Collective community on how to balance working at home and living during the quarantine.

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